Resources for MDR and IVDR…and More

Resources for MDR & IVDR
…and More

TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions (MDS) is the medical device industry’s largest provider of translation services and content automation technology. Please see our resources below to learn how you can reduce the cost, risk, and turnaround time of new MDR and IVDR content requirements by 50%—and effectively translate/localize your website, app, software, e-learning, and other digital content.

EnCompass is a modular solution that combines XML content management and automated translation processing (including GlobalLink AITM and business intelligence reporting). EnCompass is built with open API’s and is easily integrated with downstream labeling and e-IFU systems.

Automation for MDR & IVDR:
A Three-Part Seminar

Describes key content automation technologies and how they addresses the requirements of MDR & IVDR

Part 1: What is a CCMS and How Does It Address the Challenges Posed by MDR & IVDR?

Part 2: Structured Content and CCMS Technology to meet MDR & IVDR requirements: Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Qserve, & TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions

Part 3: EnCompass Step by Step: A Detailed View of the Content Automation Solution to Meet MDR & IVDR Requirements

More MDR & IVDR Automation Information

Future-Proof Content: Key for Success

AI for MDR & IVDR Success

Medtronic Uses AI for PMS

Automation for MDR & IVDR PMS Requirements

Marketing Content Under MDR & IVDR

Translation and Localization for Websites
Apps, Software, E-Learning,
and Other Digital Content

Translation & Localization for Software & IVD Devices

Translation & Localization for E-Learning & Training

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