TMF Education and Corporate Training

Training and Stakeholder Engagement are the cornerstones of every optimally functioning TMF department. Our TMF Professionals can help you reinvigorate your team's approach to managing every Trial Master File.

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TMF Education

Build TMF Expertise Within Your Organization Through TMF Univeristy

Get started on your TMF accreditation journey with a curriculum that provides you with the needed understanding and skills to master all things TMF.

Become TMF Champions through Specialized TMF Training

Trained professionals are the foundation for maintaining an inspection ready TMF, as they have the knowledge and skills necessary to accurately and efficiently complete TMF tasks.

TMF University

TMF University offers the world's first and only internationally and independently accredited training program tailored exclusively for TMF professionals. Our live, instructor-led courses, coupled with mandatory educational competency assessments, will distinguish you as an Internationally Qualified TMF expert. Enroll now and take a leap toward establishing yourself as a distinguished TMF Professional! 

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TMF Corporate Training and Education

Searching for customized TMF staff training for your organization?

Discover our interactive and comprehensive training courses, empowering your team to gain confidence and competence in achieving an inspection-ready TMF. Tailored for all experience levels, these non-accredited courses can be fully customized to address your organization's unique requirements. Experience live, instructor-led training delivered either in-person or through virtual sessions. Equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in TMF management and ensure a seamless inspection process. Enroll them in our dynamic training courses today!

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TMF University (TMFU) is the first and only internationally recognized certification program for TMF Professionals. It is accredited by IAOCR, the International Accrediting Organization for Clinical Research – the world’s only organization that qualifies Clinical Research Professionals to international standards. Geared toward individual learners, TMFU engages students with a combination of high-quality, virtual instruction in a live setting along with standardized educational competency requirements to prepare Internationally Qualified TMF experts. 

TransPerfect Life Sciences + LMK Clinical Research: The Global Authorities in TMF Services and Training

With so much riding on the integrity of your TMF, TransPerfect and LMK have partnered to give you the compliance confidence you deserve, so you can focus on what matters most: your research. Two of the industry’s leaders in TMF best practices, management, education, and innovation combine forces to support sponsors of all sizes with comprehensive, system-agnostic TMF services.

Ready to empower your own TMF Champions?

Get started on your TMF accreditation journey with a curriculum that provides you with the needed understanding and skills to master all things TMF.

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