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Rethink your global content strategy and process with TransPerfect’s Structured Content Management System (SCMS)

There is an ever-increasing demand for content across myriad channels and in different languages. This exposes inefficiencies in both redundant and siloed content, which increase the time and the risk of error when producing complex pharmaceutical content in high volume.

TransPerfect Life Sciences’  scalable, automated solutions for structured content authoring reduce the risk of human error in content reuse and drive down cycle times in producing and translating content.

Mitigate Risk

Manage, centralize, and streamline content development with TransPerfect Life Sciences’ validated and compliant SCMS. Our easy-to-use, Word-like platform eliminates post-translation desktop publishing and error-prone copy-and-paste methods by propagating changes automatically across files, including regulated content. 

Centralized Content Management

Unlock redundant, similar content scattered around your organization. With our CCMS, you can effectively link content and manage component versions between files for more effective reuse, visibility, and governance. 

Enable Omnichannel Delivery

Output content in multiple formats across multiple channels from a format-neutral source to enable a streamlined and patient-centric experience. 

Tailored Automations and Integrations

Medical literature review (MLR) can be a time-consuming and painstaking process. That’s why our SCMS, paired with leading content repositories such as Veeva, preserve your process while reducing risk and improving reuse. Better yet, integrations with our translation management system, GlobalLink, automatically ensures only new or changed content is translated across multiple files. 

A Comparison Between Document Management Systems (DMS) and Structured Content Management Systems (SCMS) for Pharma

Benefits of Content Reuse for Life Sciences Companies

30 %

Reduction in Cycle Times

50 %

Increase in Content Reuse

30 %

Decrease in Translation Costs

Simplify Content Authoring and Management

Organize and centralize your clinical content to enhance the patient experience, mitigate risk, and improve internal processes with our GlobalLink SCMS.

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