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TransPerfect enables fast, seamless communication with patients and HCPs around the world through a full suite of multilingual contact center services that scale with demand and enhance the user experience.

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Call Center Support Throughout Your Product’s Lifecycle

Improve customer service levels and response times across your business—from boosting patient recruitment rates and ensuring the fastest possible safety case processing times to delivering clear medical information responses to HCPs. We specialize in call center support and services for:  

Clinical Trial Management

Keep clinical trials on track with call center support for healthcare providers and patients seeking live assistance on clinical trial information.   

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Pharmacovigilance & Safety Solutions

Streamline your pharmacovigilance with a dedicated team of linguists to support patient-monitoring efforts. 

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Patient Services

Provide comprehensive patient services, including outbound calls for patient recruitment, help desk during studies, and additional retention tactics.

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Medical Affairs

Accelerate the creation and communication of critical medical affairs information to patients and HCPs.

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Global sponsors need to be able to provide responsive patient and HCP communication quickly and at scale.

TransPerfect Connect is the world’s leading provider of device-independent, real-time remote interpretation services. Our state-of-the-art technology, secure contact centers, expert interpreters, and support agents enable you to access a medical subject matter expert interpreter within seconds—in more than 200 languages, 24/7/365.

A Complete Suite of Customer Service Resources

    Customer Service Support

    Accelerate response times with global, scalable call-center solutions. From temporary, last-minute needs to long-term multilingual customer support, our services include:

    ✓ Contact center support that’s customized to your call volume
    ✓ Flexibility to support your language requirements
    ✓ Qualified subject matter experts
    ✓ Temporary and permanent support options

    Outbound Call Center Recruitment

    Choose a reputable and world-renowned communication service when you’re in need of call center recruitment support. TransPerfect’s contact center support staff are:

    ✓ Rigorously screened for the highest level of professionalism
    ✓ Trained in the necessary areas to serve as subject matter experts
    ✓ Proficient in 200+ languages

    Patient Monitoring Services

    Monitor patients with an extensive global network of experts by your side. Our agents converse quickly in any language and note every detail of a monitoring call to ensure your team receives the best feedback. We provide:

    ✓ Dedicated, remote patient call center agent services
    ✓ Precise, detailed feedback on every call
    ✓ Professional follow-up calls for your patients
    ✓ Additional support for the clinical resources of your business
    ✓ Greater analysis of clinical trials and better patient care

    Post-Marketing Support Solutions

    Maintain both global commercial success and dutiful patient care with TransPerfect’s post-marketing support. Every patient is different, and our dedicated team of linguists:

    ✓ Is skilled in developing trust
    ✓ Has a keen eye for detail
    ✓ Adheres strictly to patient support guidelines


    Keep patient safety at the top of your priorities list without losing the speed or accuracy needed to accomplish your objectives. Our innovations are custom-made to accelerate drug and therapeutic safety reporting through a blend of artificial intelligence and studious technology. You’ll see:

    ✓ 100% compliance with drug safety reporting
    ✓ Reduced localization costs
    ✓ Faster collection, processing, and tracking
    ✓ Fast and accurate reporting

    Secure Call Center Support

    Protect highly sensitive data with TransPerfect’s fully secured call centers. From classified financial data to private medical records, our strict security measures ensure that your staff has the content tools to succeed. We provide:

    ✓ Assistance with language skills during international calls
    ✓ Real-time responses in need of fast resolution
    ✓ State-of-the-art technology
    ✓ Customer-focused care you need

    Providing Better Customer Support by the Numbers

    50 %

    Reduction in connect times

    95 %

    Client satisfaction in our live call reporting tool (TAP)


    On-demand support

    200 +

    Languages supported

    30 sec

    On-demand support

    News and Press Releases

    Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations involved in clinical trial management.

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    The C3 Summit: Boston Recap

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