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Targeted Patient Campaigns for Anywhere in the World, in Any Language

Roughly 80% of clinical trials fail to meet enrollment timelines.

Approximately one-third (30%) of Phase III study terminations are due to enrollment difficulties.

As these statistics make abundantly clear, better patient recruitment processes can drastically improve clinical trial success.

Create Strategic Global Patient Recruitment Campaigns

We can help with our extensive market research, global expertise, and local digital marketing experts

  • Market Insights – Mapping the Patient Journey
  • Cultural Consulting – Adapting Content for Intended Audiences
  • Regulatory Consulting – Advising on Local Regulations (e.g., Promotional Liability in the EU)
  • Medical Writing & Content Development
  • Digital Strategy
  • Translation and Media
  • Technology to Streamline Approval Process

Be Where Your Patients Are—Effective Digital Strategies For Patient Recruitment

Did you know that 15–20% of studies do not launch due to unsuccessful patient enrollment? In the past, recruiting the RIGHT patient population has been complex, expensive, and challenging, especially when it comes to rare diseases or niche requirements. 

Benefits of TransPerfect's Digital Patient Engagement Solutions

Patient recruitment consumes 27% of the cost of development–that is $5.9 billion annually around the world.


Shrink Timelines for Creating and Launching Campaigns

Save Money

Save Money on Campaign Planning and Execution


Retain More Patients with Improved Targeting and Patient Education


Maintain Protocol Adherence and Reduce Compliance Risks

Streamline Patient Recruitment Strategies

A diverse and inclusive patient recruitment strategy is key to ensuring a successful clinical trial. TransPerfect Life Sciences supports pharmaceutical companies in reaching patients, meeting enrollment numbers, and meeting diversity and inclusion goals. With extensive market research and global expertise, our local digital marketing experts develop strategic recruitment marketing plans and messaging that engage patients across all channels.

News and Thought Leadership

Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations.

Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences – Latest Developments Presented by Industry Leaders

Join TransPerfect's discussion with industry-experts from Pfizer, Bayer, CodaMetrix, Biogen, BI, Novartis, and Syneos Health about how AI is accelerating changes in the life sciences industry and ways they are leveraging data to support their teams, studies, and products. ...

Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences – Latest Developments Presented by Industry Leaders

Strategic Artificial Intelligence (AI) Implementation for Medical Device Companies

Medical device companies are leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning to streamline regulated medical device content work streams, including labeling, marketing, and PMS reporting. Learn about implementing a strategic AI program and discover how top medical ...

Enhancing Transparency and Safety in Medical Devices

The European Union's introduction of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) marks a significant shift towards enhanced transparency in the medical device sector. While these regulations are designed to strengthen patient safety ...

Generative AI in Life Sciences Industry: Ethics, Applications, and Transformations

Discover the role of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in life sciences, including what is merely a trend vs. what is truly transformative. The speakers will explore pragmatic applications, ethical considerations and the potential future role of generative AI in life ...

GL - Machine Translation Success in Life Sciences

From clinical trial documentation to patient communications and to post-market materials, machine translation (MT) enables fast, and cost efficient communication in various languages worldwide. This guide shares case studies of impactful AI and MT implementations for ...

AI and MT for Regulatory and Clinical Content Office Hours - 5/15/24

Welcome to TransPerfect Life Sciences' AI and MT Ask an Expert Office Hours. In these sessions, we provide an opportunity for our community to submit their pressing questions for our experts to answer live, in the company of your industry peers. If you are looking for some ...

Trial Interactive Customer Summit, OpTImize

- | Sheraton Times Square 811 7th Avenue New York, NY 10019 ...

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