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Drive Consistency and Transparency with GlobalLink TMS

TransPerfect’s translation management system (TMS) helps leading life sciences organizations:

  • Icon Automate Manual Processes

Automate manual tasks

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Ensure a comprehensive audit trail, including a clear record of who made changes and when they were made

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Facilitate a collaborative online review process to eliminate the need for an email with marked-up files

  • Icon AI Integrations

Centrally manage and leverage translation memory (TM) and other linguistic assets

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Capture important data for reporting and KPI metrics

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Integrate with other content repositories

Centralize your content in a web-based, intuitive, and secure platform

Streamlining processes to reduce cycle times and increase efficiency is an increasing trend within the life sciences industry. TransPerfect’s enabling translation technology platform, GlobalLink, automates manual steps, drives consistency through central translation memories (TMs) and linguistic assets, incorporates machine translation (MT) workflows, and offers real-time reporting for greater visibility and control. GlobalLink TMS streamlines the translation process and provides standardization that can accelerate the time-to-market by 40–60% and decrease translation costs by 25–40%.

GlobalLink TMS at a Glance

6 k+

Clients trust GlobalLink

50 %

Reduction in translation costs

40 %

Reduction in cycle times

50 %

Reduction of internal project management and IT dependencies

50 +

Out-of-the-box connectors for automation

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GxP and CFR 21 Part 11 compliant


Key partnerships, including Veeva and Adobe


Translation Management Technology That Supports Your Growth

Sponsors supporting global operations produce vast amounts of content in need of translation. The complexity of content volume, tight timelines, quality and compliance concerns, administrative burden, and budget constraints all challenge the efficiency of managing content translation at scale.

TransPerfect Life Sciences' TMS solutions help sponsors navigate content complexities by driving process automation, improving TM efficacy and consistency, incorporating MT workflows, and optimizing content review to shorten cycle times and reduce total translation costs.

News and Press Releases

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