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Automated Case Triaging for Global Studies

Case triaging is an important step in detecting potential adverse events, which means time is of the essence. To speed up the process, pharmaceutical companies are increasingly looking at ways to automate how these cases are categorized and in turn, prioritized.

TransPerfect Life Sciences’ safety-specific, AI-powered platform allows for real-time translation and insights into the nature of the case. From audio files, emails, adverse events (AEs), call notes, and more, our technology can help your team route cases to the appropriate parties, regardless of file format.

TransPerfect’s Case Triaging Service Capabilities

50 +

Supported file formats (including scanned PDFs, PowerPoints, audio files, emails, etc.)

200 +

Languages supported for all solutions

75 %

Faster translation turnaround times


Ability to support any case type: literature, AEs, voicemails, doctor’s notes, social media content, and more

AI Integrations

Integrate with back-end safety systems for fully automated, AI-powered workflows

Accelerate your case triaging with AI-powered workflows

Our APIs between back-end safety systems and AI platforms allow for real-time translation of emails, voicemails, free notes, and more. This results in less time and fewer errors with the translation process from front-line staff, as they intake cases from around the world. All of this means faster categorization and prioritization, and less manual lifting.

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