Digital Health Solutions for Life Sciences

Reduce complexity and risk when localizing your digital health apps, platforms, websites, and assets with centralized, collaborative workflows and streamlined review cycles to ensure high quality localized content.  

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Effortlessly Navigate the Global Digital Health Landscape

Minimize complexities in digital health app localization while preserving high quality, consistent output and keeping costs low. Your journey starts with a process-centric, customized approach. Our team examines your existing technology framework to assess and mitigate quality and timeline risks, and crafts tailored workflows designed to provide your users with high quality, culturally meaningful, multilingual digital health materials.

    Onboarding and Process Workflow Consultation

    Identify optimal localization workflow solutions based on your existing technology stacks and build a process that aligns with existing back-end systems while flagging for inefficiencies.

    Internationalization (i18n) Consulting

    Drive accurate, high-quality outcomes with expert consultations on your English products’ capacity for localization.

    Script Writing/Screenshot Capture Automation

    Maximize content development and review workflow efficiencies by automating your screenshot capture capabilities and linking to your backend systems.

    Digital Health App and Web Testing

    Evaluate and validate your digital health app on a functional and linguistic level to identify, flag and remediate potential errors or malfunctions prior to launch with Applanga.

    Digital Localization Solutions

    Connect with global audiences faster through centralized translation and contextual review of your digital assets, including website and mobile applications, leveraging integrations with Applanga to remove from the process the need to export and import content for translation to facilitate secure file transfer of source materials.

    eCOA Solutions & Certification

    Achieve high quality localization, linguistic validation, and contextual review of your eCOA content, with the added ability to participate in the eCOA LingCert accreditation program for your platforms, to ensure capability of hosting localized materials in alignment with industry standards, best practices, and sponsor requirements.

    eConsent Localization

    Enhance the patient and consumer experience through expert translation and contextual review of eConsent materials. Address regulatory, linguistic, and cultural challenges to foster trust and empower patients for informed decision making about their health, regardless of their literacy level or language.

    Digital Health Hub

    Gain 100% visibility and enhance monitoring of your digital health localization activities through our central hub designed to efficiently manage digital health localization activities with real-time project tracking and KPI reporting capabilities.

    Content Creation

    Create Content for Life Sciences Companies – Our expert life sciences writers create content to educate and engage patients and HCPs globally.


    In today’s competitive digital landscape, it’s imperative for life sciences companies to stand out online. Beyond greater visibility, multilingual SEO also enhances the user experience, building credibility and trust across global markets. We work with life sciences organizations to reach global stakeholders by establishing effective SEO best practices, a multilingual SEO strategy, and a dedicated team of SEO experts to oversee implementation and execution, from start to finish.

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    Benefits of TransPerfect's Digital Health Solution

    Discover how TransPerfect’s cloud-based digital health solutions help break vendor siloes and localize all eligible digital health content. 

    60 %

    Reduction in Project Management Time

    Through content reuse and library functionalities to mitigate duplicated localization efforts

    40 %

    Cost Reduction

    Leveraging customizable workflows and integrated localization platforms

    100 %

    Quality and Accuracy

    In final content output via end-to-end programs and workflows

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