360° Workflow Solutions for Your Medical Affairs Initiatives

Choose omnichannel solutions that improve the quality, timeliness, cost, and effectiveness of multilingual medical affairs content.

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AI-powered workflows

Solutions that Create Impactful Content for Global Audience

Evolve your medical affairs operations into a global, integrated model with AI-powered translation technology, expert language services, and global support.

    Veeva Connector (MLR Workflows)

    Reduce the manual effort of copying and pasting content into and out of other technologies, like Veeva, with automation. Keep all content in one ecosystem to streamline the MLR review process.

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    Content Reuse (SCMS)

    Manage your content processes in an intuitive authoring environment that enables you to more effectively reuse content, propagate changes, enable omnichannel delivery, and streamline the review and approval process.

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    Call Center Support

    Provide a clear and comprehensive customer service support experience that offers in-language guidance and speeds up the creation and communication of critical information to patients and HCPs.

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    Medical Writing

    Deliver first-class medical writing with analysis, creation, translation, and SME support for your clinical trial and research information. Know your content is clear, concise, and follows global regulations.

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    Literature & Social Media Monitoring

    Meet with experts to review keyword requirements, search terms, and localization. Use technology to consolidate literature into one dataset for search strings to be applied, centralize review of literature, and decide actions that are required.

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    Digital Marketing

    Gain strategic guidance on your omnichannel digital marketing efforts and website localization with our TPT Digital solution. Drive visibility to global marketing campaigns and create targeted messaging based on the customer journey.

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    Utilize real-time data about individual markets and regional native languages to create hyper-specific content. Manage content localization in 200+ languages, reduce project management time, and mitigate risks.

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    Expand your channels of communication with culturally appropriate chatbots. Disseminate med affairs information through TransPerfect’s DataForce technology, an AI solution that uses ML to improve responses over time.

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    AI Portal for Real-Time Translation

    Provide a cost-effective and secure document translation solution for short-turnaround projects. Using machine translations, understand content quickly to generate and communicate accurate scientific information.

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    Omnichannel Marketing in Med Affairs

    The Benefits of A Comprehensive Medical Affairs Solution

    Even simple language changes to medical affairs content can significantly impact the effectiveness of global messaging. Handle delicate subject matters with care with TransPerfect.

    • Eliminate the need for multiple vendors with content creation and localization under one roof.
    • Get critical information to audiences faster with high-quality content development and translation support.
    • Expand your channels of communication—including sophisticated chatbots, websites, videos, and more.
    • Enable a seamless flow and exchange of information among internal and external medical stakeholders with our fully integrated knowledge management system.

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    Improving Global Medical Affairs Management by the Numbers

    90 %

    Reduction in internal project management

    50 %

    Faster customer response times

    50 %

    Increase in content reuse

    25 %

    Saved on content development costs

    News and Thought Leadership

    Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for medical affairs teams in reaching global audiences.

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    Generative AI in Life Sciences Industry: Ethics, Applications, and Transformations

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