Reduce the Operational Complexity and Cost of Global Patent Translation and Filing

Protect your intellectual property with TransPerfect’s global patent filing expert. Our global coverage helps you adhere to regulatory compliance requirements around the world.

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Centralize Your Patent Management Process

As your full-service patent solutions provider, we streamline the patent filing process from start to finish. Gain peace of mind knowing your IP is protected internationally.

    Patent Translation and Filing

    Translate your patents into one or more languages in order to file in international markets. Reduce administrative burdens and the complexity of filing patents around the world. Services include in-country filing management, translation management, and document review.

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    Litigation Services

    Manage all of your litigation support needs with TransPerfect Legal. With offices in over 100 cities worldwide and specialist teams skilled in 200 languages, protect your patents from infringement or violations around the world.

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    TransCEND Virtual Data Room (VDR)

    Our full-service data room platform stores internal company data and exchange translation content, so you can rest assured your content is protected against breaches.

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    Information Governance

    Protect your patents against information security threats. Our specialists will help you navigate the global regulatory landscape, monitor information compliance, manage your data, and educate your employees on corporate policies.

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    End-to-End Global Solutions for Your Most Valuable Assets

    Ensure the highest possible quality and speed for your patent translations. GlobalLink for patents helps you organize and keep track of translation and filing requests. Our powerful translation technology harnesses the power of translation memory to store and utilize translations for all future projects. 

    Pay Up to 50% Less for Translations and Attorney Fees

    Patent Translations

    • Patent Applications 
    • Rule 71(3) Claims 
    • Prior Art/Abstracts 
    • Drawings 
    • Office Actions 
    • Litigation Documents 
    • Sworn Translations

    Patent Filing

    • Arrange Translations 
    • Instruct Filing Agents 
    • Coordinate Paperwork and Payment 
    • PCT National Phase Entry 
    • Direct National Filing 
    • EP Validation

    Patent Support by the Numbers



    2 k+

    EP Validations

    200 +

    Languages Supported

    1 k

    EP Apps

    News and Thought Leadership

    Industry insights from our experts. We have the experience and solutions you need to navigate life sciences complexity and bring breakthroughs from lab to launch.

    AI and MT for Regulatory and Clinical Content Office Hours - 5/15/24

    Welcome to TransPerfect Life Sciences' AI and MT Ask an Expert Office Hours. In these sessions, we provide an opportunity for our community to submit their pressing questions for our experts to answer live, in the company of your industry peers. If you are looking for some more insight without spending money or engaging in direct sales conversations, this is a great way to explore some of your most pressing questions. ...

    AI and MT for Regulatory and Clinical Content Office Hours - 5/15/24

    AI and MT "Ask an Expert" Office Hours - 4/10/2024

    TransPerfect's experts gather to answer questions from global pharma, biotech, and medical device leaders regarding AI and MT use cases, challenges, opportunities, best practices, and more. ...

    Multilingual Labeling: Considerations for Efficient, Cost Effective and Compliance Labeling

    Accurate and compliant labeling of an investigational medicinal product (IMP) is an important and integral part of clinical trial operations. A misstep in labeling can lead to significant delays, affecting the entire study’s timeline and potentially incurring costs ranging from ...

    Reduce the Cost of Global Patent Translation and Filing.

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