A Better Way to Recruit, Engage, and Retain Patients in Clinical Research

Effectively connect and communicate throughout the patient journey to keep your patients enrolled and your clinical trials on track.

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Bridge the Language Gaps that Add Complexity to Patient Enrollment, Engagement, and Retention

TransPerfect provides the patient-centric services that support you in reaching patients, meeting enrollment numbers, and meeting diversity and inclusion goals. With extensive market research and global expertise, our local digital marketing experts develop strategic recruitment marketing plans and messaging that engage patients across all channels. 

Patient Recruitment

Poor patient recruitment creates substantial bottlenecks and delays in more than 80% of clinical trials. Many study terminations are also due to enrollment. Recruiting the right patient population ensures the success of your clinical research and expedites study timelines.  

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Patient Engagement

Improve the patient experience before, during, and after clinical trials with engagement tactics and translation support from TransPerfect. Use services such as SEO to get patients interested in participation. Promote our call center support to keep informed throughout the process. Patients who have a positive experience in one study, are more  likely to participate in another.  

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Patient Retention

Eliminate the hurdles that cause patients to drop out of your clinical trials. Should your patients have questions about the study or need scheduling support, our call center is available 24/7/365. Make your patients feel appreciated by communicating with them within their language.  

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Takeda and Psyon Promote ADHD Awareness through Gamified Learning

Takeda and Psyon games sought to improve ADHD awareness while improving quality of life for individuals navigating the diagnosis. Their goal was to roll out an accessible experience across multiple regions, languages, and cultures to help as many individuals as possible. Watch how Takeda and Psyon brought their health gaming vision to life with the support of TransPerfect's content creation and creative writing, cultural adaptation, and localization.

Our Patient-Centric Tech Solutions and Services

    Recruitment, Engagement, Retention

    Get multilingual content and digital campaign support for your patient recruitment, engagement, and retention efforts. Offer robust, holistic language services to ensure you are capturing a broader recruitment pool that is not limited to one language group.

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    Call Center Support

    Provide a clear and comprehensive customer service support experience that offers in-language guidance to bolster your customer support needs.Our global call center helps you overcome language and cultural barriers during recruitment, retention, and engagement.

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    SEO Services

    Rank higher in search engines and increase your global brand awareness with TPT Digital SEO services. Make your recruitment content assets discoverable, develop a stronger website presence that helps your patients stay informed, and gain insight into your customers’ mindsets.

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    Social Listening

    Gain customer knowledge through advanced technology and support that monitors every relevant online channel in multiple languages. With this data, you’ll enable better pharmacovigilance to make product improvements, and learn new insights to help you adapt your patient engagement strategies.

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    Translation Services

    Meet multilingual challenges of document translation with powerful technology and expert linguist support. TransPerfect’s GlobalLink TMS automates manual steps, drives consistency through central TMs and linguistic assets, incorporates MT workflows, and offers real-time reporting for greater visibility and control.

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    Pharmacovigilance (PV) & Safety Automation

    Regulatory teams are under increasing pressure to drive cost and time efficiencies in global submissions while also ensuring superior quality for many global stakeholders.

    Streamline your patient services to maintain enrollment numbers, reduce cycle time, and get life-saving treatments to patients faster.

    News and Press Releases

    Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations involved in clinical trial management.

    AI and MT for Regulatory and Clinical Content Office Hours - 5/15/24

    Welcome to TransPerfect Life Sciences' AI and MT Ask an Expert Office Hours. In these sessions, we provide an opportunity for our community to submit their pressing questions for our experts to answer live, in the company of your industry peers. If you are looking for some more insight without spending money or engaging in direct sales conversations, this is a great way to explore some of your most pressing questions. ...

    AI and MT for Regulatory and Clinical Content Office Hours - 5/15/24

    AI and MT "Ask an Expert" Office Hours - 4/10/2024

    TransPerfect's experts gather to answer questions from global pharma, biotech, and medical device leaders regarding AI and MT use cases, challenges, opportunities, best practices, and more. ...

    Multilingual Labeling: Considerations for Efficient, Cost Effective and Compliance Labeling

    Accurate and compliant labeling of an investigational medicinal product (IMP) is an important and integral part of clinical trial operations. A misstep in labeling can lead to significant delays, affecting the entire study’s timeline and potentially incurring costs ranging from ...

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