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Featured Content Solutions That Streamline Global Development

    Comprehensive COA/eCOA Solutions

    Ensure conceptual equivalence and cultural appropriateness in any language, minimizing time-to-market, mitigating risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance in global studies

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    Medical Writing & Publication Services

    Deliver first-class medical writing with analysis, creation, translation, and SME support for your clinical trial and research information. Know your content is clear, concise, and follows global regulations.

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    AI Data Solutions

    Streamline the translation management process from submission to review by deploying artificial intelligence technologies, a comprehensive tracking system, and easy-to-use functions—all on an entirely secure server.

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    Content Reuse

    Increase content reuse by 50% with TransPerfect’s CCMS. Reuse content, propagate changes, enable omnichannel delivery, and streamline the review and approval process to reduce cycle time and costs.

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    Translation Services

    Meet multilingual challenges of document translation with powerful technology and expert linguist support to alleviate manual project management burdens associated with the translation process.

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    Expedite timelines, reduce compliance risks, and improve operational excellence with TransPerfect’s eClinical solution. Trial Interactive’s 21 CFR part 11-compliant unified platform provides solutions from site identification to eTMF archive.

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    Simplify the entire process from submission to release with GlobalLink translation management technology. Improve translation quality, expedite timelines, decrease workloads, and see significant cost savings.

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    Medical Device Solutions

    TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions is the first supplier to combine ISO 13485-, 14971-, and 9001-certified, patented language services with validated process automation technologies to meet the content management challenges of evolving regulations.

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    Solutions That Reduce Risk and Cost and Increase Quality and Efficiency

    Clinical Trial Management

    Simplify clinical content management and oversight, reduce operational costs by up to 40%, and accelerate therapeutic breakthroughs with our eClinical platform.

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    Pharmacovigilance and Safety

    Observe, detect, and monitor the effects of your pharmaceutical products across locations and languages with translation and call services. Ensure drug safety across your entire portfolio.

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    Clinical Outcome Assessments

    Access end-to-end consultation, from licensing to electronic clinical outcome assessment (eCOA) migration, and improve the patient and healthcare provider experience with all types of COAs.

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    Improve compliance and reduce risk with our Trial Interactive quality management system and study team training that ensure patient safety and remove the barriers that delay product launches.

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    Patient Services

    Deploy evidence-based patient engagement tools to increase compliance and elevate product readiness. Meet the ever-growing needs of patient-centric and inclusive solutions.

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    Clinical Trial Disclosure

    We offer a full suite of clinical trial disclosure services led by transparency subject matter experts to meet requirements and publish clinical trial results with speed and quality in any language.

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    News and Thought Leadership

    The Ultimate Clinical Trial Translations Checklist

    Clinical product development is an elaborate endeavor executed through a complex web of processes that are in large part accomplished through various document and communication work streams. These work streams can represent a significant source of cost, risk, and time. When a study operates across cultures, countries, and continents, these pain points of cost, risk, and time are compounded by the addition of translation and localization requirements. Study teams ...

    The Ultimate Clinical Trial Translations Checklist

    LifeSci Talks COA Series | The Future of Capturing Patient Data in Clinical Trials: DCTs, Site Staff Burden, and Regulation Considerations with Paul O'Donohoe

    Mark Wade interviews Paul O'Donohoe, Senior Director of Product for eCOA and COA at Medidata. They delve into the challenges and opportunities of adopting decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and explore topics such as mixed modalities for data capture, patient burden, site ...

    Health Canada's XML Mandate: Pioneering the Future of Pharmaceutical Content

    In 2019, Health Canada initiated a significant process to transition all product monograph templates into a more advanced and structured XML format. This move by the regulatory authority has raised several questions for Canadian pharmaceutical organizations' regulatory and...

    Leveraging Technology and Bridging Gaps for Enhanced Clinical Data Management

    Introduction: In the field of clinical research, a robust data management process is essential for driving success. Efficiently handling vast amounts of data, ensuring accuracy and consistency, and extracting meaningful insights are vital, particularly in the case of global...

    Transitioning Clinical Trials Under the EU CTR

    The transition from Clinical Trial Directive to Clinical Trial Regulation in Europe adds new requirements and complexities to the clinical development landscape. The required transition of all trials concluding January 1st, 2025 brings about several considerations to ensure ...

    Navigating the Regulatory Landscape for Expanded Access Programs

    Introduction: Expanded access programs (EAPs) provide pathways to treatment options prior to local marketing authorization in cases where traditional clinical trial participation is not feasible. Usually, these treatments involve investigational therapies (i.e., drugs,...

    The Role of Qualitative Interviews in Ensuring a Patient-Centered Approach to Clinical Trials

    Clinical trials play a crucial role in advancing medical research and improving healthcare outcomes. Traditionally, they have primarily focused on objective measures and quantitative data to evaluate the safety and efficacy of treatments. In recent years, there has been a...

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