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The technical and instructional design expertise to create, deploy, and translate engaging training content that educates your global teams.

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Learning design for the life sciences industry

Effective learning design is essential for training global teams and audiences on the latest scientific developments, technologies, and regulations. Whether it's developing courses for researchers, clinicians, regulatory professionals, or other stakeholders, the learning materials need to be tailored to local cultures and languages.

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Our Training and Development Solutions for Life Sciences

Content Development

Work with in-house, life sciences content authoring experts who can create training modules using all major file formats, e-learning authoring tools, and learning platforms, ultimately saving you 40% in costs.

Course Localization & Adaption

Provide courses in your employee's native language with expert translation and adaptation services. TransPerfect localizes courses for maximum retention and cultural appropriateness.

Voiceover & Subtitling

Create e-learning videos from concept inception to script writing to production to release. Adapt your content with voiceovers and AI-driven subtitling workflows.  

Testing & Quality Assurance

Rest assured that your training materials will be void of image display errors, incorrect links, video timing issues, and more. Our QA testing process ensures your global audience consumes the best possible content.

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Managed In-Country Review

Manage shared content among multiple authors, reviewers, and quality assurance experts, while also incorporating a terminology glossary and translation memory to capture all the work to reuse in future projects. 

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Simultaneous Interpretation

For investigator meetings or large, diverse gatherings, TransPerfect provides interpretations of two or more languages at the same time to engage global audiences in their native languages.  

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TI GlobalLearn

TransPerfect Life Sciences offers the Trial Interactive Learning Management System (TI Global Learn), providing organizations with a web-based, compliance-focused learning and training solution with flexible configurability and intuitive reporting for easy oversight. All of Trial Interactive’s modules are 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

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The Power of Partnering in Training & Development

The Power of Partnering with a Global Content Team

TransPerfect provides training support across any platform, in 200+ languages, and any subject matter. Our team centralizes your global learning requirements and manages the administrative work, so you can roll out your content quickly and cost-effectively.

Takeda and Psyon Promote ADHD Awareness through Gamified Learning

Takeda and Psyon games sought to improve ADHD awareness while improving quality of life for individuals navigating the diagnosis. Their goal was to roll out an accessible experience across multiple regions, languages, and cultures to help as many individuals as possible. Watch how Takeda and Psyon brought their health gaming vision to life with the support of TransPerfect's content creation and creative writing, cultural adaptation, and localization.

Better e-Learning by the Numbers

50 k+

Training projects launched

40 %

Savings with centralized global learning and development

50 %

Faster content releases

TransPerfect supports Pfizer in the development of the Global Learning Program: Partner4Better

Pfizer needed to develop an online learning portal to support the HCPs they engage with across the globe, with a particular focus on emerging markets. The content they produced needed to be accessible, engaging, and in line with Pfizer’s overall mission to improve global health equity.

Trusted by Life Sciences Organizations Big and Small

Join TransPerfect's community of over 1,000 life sciences organizations, including pharma, biotech, CROs, IRBs, and agencies.

Global Training for Protocol, Regulatory & SOP Compliance

When developing and commercializing life sciences products that are governed by global regulatory agencies, the smallest misstep can result in major problems. Proper training and documentation helps to keep your clinical research on track. 

News and Thought Leadership

Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations involved in clinical trial management.

TransPerfect Supports Takeda Supply Chain Training with Gamification

“TransPerfect supported us on building a great learning experience for our community. Elements of gaming like point scoring and competition with others are incorporated in a training to learn our KPI definitions and targets.” ...
TransPerfect Supports Takeda Supply Chain Training with Gamification

Simplifying Clinical Trial Training Management

Training is important and required to remain current with appropiate regulations. This is key to protecting patient safety and putting out quality products. ...

Five Essential Roles Artificial Intelligence Plays in Medical Writing

In the biotech and pharmaceutical industries, the importance of effective communication cannot be overstated. With a responsibility to accurately convey critical scientific findings, regulatory updates, and patient information1, the pressure is on medical writing teams to...

Improve content retention and compliance with global regulations

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