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Patent Translation & Foreign Filing

We simplify the patent translation and global filing process with our suite of comprehensive solutions for patent-related needs. TLS’s dedicated project managers, expert patent specialists, and highly qualified linguist pool help reduce translation costs, agency fees, administrative burdens, and turnaround times—without sacrificing quality or service. 

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Litigation Support

When it comes to investigations and litigation support, TLS helps mitigate the challenges associated with e-discovery, privacy, and information security, and provides visibility into the discovery management process.  

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Achieve Greatness in the Global Regulatory Landscape

Today, global sponsors are consistently challenged to bring products to market faster while facing evolving regulations with increased scrutiny. With the language barriers and collaboration logistics of global operations, clinical trials must be managed carefully to avoid unexpected increases in cost, time, and compliance risk. Having a global partner like TransPerfect by your side helps you focus on what matters most: saving lives.

Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences

Latest Developments Presented by Industry Leaders

Improved Outcomes by the Numbers

Avoid challenges in bringing therapeutic products to market by protecting intellectual property and effectively navigating international legal matters.  

  • Cut down high-volume data sets in multiple languages within stringent turnaround times
  • Rapidly collect, review, and produce discovery data from multiple custodians
  • Provide insights into potential threats and protect against data breaches
  • Translate and file a patent in 20 different countries

News and Press Releases

Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations involved in conducting clinical research.

AI and MT "Ask and Expert" Office Hours - 4/10/2024

TransPerfect's experts gather to answer questions from global pharma, biotech, and medical device leaders regarding AI and MT use cases, challenges, opportunities, best practices, and more. ...

AI and MT "Ask and Expert" Office Hours - 4/10/2024

Multilingual Labeling: Considerations for Efficient, Cost Effective and Compliance Labeling

Accurate and compliant labeling of an investigational medicinal product (IMP) is an important and integral part of clinical trial operations. A misstep in labeling can lead to significant delays, affecting the entire study’s timeline and potentially incurring costs ranging from ...

An Overview of Generative AI and Machine Translation for Life Sciences

Global life sciences companies are realizing the potential artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) has to drive efficiency in content and translation management. To capitalize on this, organizations need to identify the right solutions. Discover important ...

6 Pathways to Take Your MT Strategy to the Next Level in 2024

With 2024 well underway, innovators in the global life sciences and pharmaceutical industries continue to question how to maximize efficiencies and reduce complexities in clinical and regulatory content development and localization. As part of the broader technological roadmap, ...

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