Chatbot Localization for Life Sciences

Respond to queries faster, more accurately, in any language, and with specialized and customized informative responses.

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Engage your key stakeholders with conversational AI

Life sciences organizations are increasingly looking for ways to better leverage data to improve the consumer experience. With the majority of the global population conducting research online about products and services they are interested in, now more than ever, chatbots represent a unique opportunity to effectively engage key stakeholder requests with informative and fast responses.

TransPerfect Life Sciences has the experience and expertise to help you reach key stakeholders around the world through language AI support for training conversational AI technology. Our services include generating datasets, annotating unstructured language data to train conversational technology, and, of course, chatbot localization.


Respond to patient and HCP multilingual queries faster without sacrificing quality

Our expert linguists are experienced in localizing life sciences chatbots to better reach and engage patients, HCPs, and other stakeholders globally in more than 200 languages.

Chatbot Localization for Catalia Health

Simplify Multilingual Conversational AI

Whether it’s creating a virtual agent to help train employees, enhancing an existing virtual agent to answer consumer queries, or localizing a chatbot to engage a new audience, TransPerfect’s AI division, DataForce, can support your development of specialized chatbots trained in clinical and medical terminology that can easily integrate with your systems. We have a simple recipe for success:

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Prototypes and designs are created and tested, and feedback is collected to implement changes. 

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Conversational AI models are developed and integrated with existing systems before defining business logic, including prompt localization. 

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Chatbots are deployed, modified, and tested across all voice and chat channels to ensure optimal user experience. 

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Once deployed, quality analysis is conducted to improve accuracy and engagement with automated testing. 

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