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TransPerfect’s Medical Writing and Publication practice group offers solutions for your clinical and non-clinical documentation needs, providing high-quality and on-time deliverables to keep your projects on track. As a quality service-minded medical writing agency, we’re one of the world’s most renowned global medical writing and translation enterprises. 

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Expert medical writing solutions to create regulated content for patients, HCPs, regulatory approvals and more.

Ensure speed, quality, and compliance for all of your scientific communication, technical writing, regulatory writing, disclosures, and medical education.

    Multilingual Medical Writing, Editing, and Quality Control (QC)

    We offer in-language medical writing for a variety of areas, including regulatory, scientific communications, disclosure, and medical education and information. TransPerfect’s services currently cover both medical writing for clinical trials and nonclinical documentation for biotech, medical device, life sciences organizations, pharmaceuticals, and CROs. Our medical writer pool specializes in 40+ therapeutic areas and 300+ documentation types.

    Clinical Trial Disclosure

    TransPerfect Medical Writing provides an end-to-end solution for plain language summaries of clinical trial results, lay language protocol synopses, and plain language publications. We also support protocol and results registry postings to regional registries, such as and EudraCT. For those looking for EU CTR and Health Canada PRCI transparency support, we have a team dedicated to redaction and anonymization.

    Plain Language Support

    We offer a number of services to assist with your plain language initiatives, as this is an ever-growing need across the life science industry. We provide plain language content adaptation, reports, and protocols, readability certificates, and multi-language lay terminology glossaries. And our internal health literacy experts can help your company develop SOPs and WIs to make your plain language initiatives most successful.

    Multi-language Meetings and Webinars

    We offer both in-person and virtual meeting support. This includes planning, content development, KOL coordination, interpretation, hosting, reporting, and analytics. We can also provide our own virtual platform for meetings and webinars via TransPerfect-owned Trial Interactive.

    Training Course Material and e-Learning

    Whether for internal employee training or e-learning for patients, TransPerfect can bring your learning to life. We can develop content from scratch to be leveraged in e-learning modules, videos, and offline materials – all deliverables generated by our Learning Solutions team. Content can be translated into 200+ languages.

    Transcription and Summaries of Conferences and Meetings

    Our medical writers attend both virtual and in-person meetings across the globe to capture and summarize the main findings of investigator meetings, advisory boards, symposia, webinars, and more.

    Graphic Design

    TransPerfect’s life science designers can develop original scientific illustrations, figures, and infographics. We are also able to provide formatting and desktop publishing. This includes graphic design for presentations, videos, e-learning, medical marketing materials, and more.

    Patient and Healthcare Provider Recruitment, Review, and Research

    Connect your deliverables with leading HCPs and patients worldwide. Address the extent to which the proposed documentation is well-explained while also giving insight from the perspective of HCPs or patients with select criteria. TransPerfect also offers market research support via recruitment, moderation, data capture, and more.

    Publication and Congress Activity Support

    TransPerfect provides an end-to-end solution for congress activity and publication planning. We develop a custom plan for each publication with services including writing, author/review facilitation, graphic design, translation, pre-submission inquiries, target journal selection, copyright management, and journal submission. For congress activities, our internal SMEs provide oversight, strategy, and planning to help you achieve optimal reach within the scientific community.

    Centralize Your Medical Writing and Regulatory Writing

    TransPerfect streamlines the author-to-archive development of non-clinical and clinical documentation for companies such as Pfizer, Roche, and Novartis. We deliver 100% compliant documents while reducing timelines by over 30% and expenses by 25% on average, leveraging our 21 CFR Part 11-compliant collaborative authoring platform and team of over 100 certified medical writing experts.

    Controlling Complexity in Clinical Content

    Medical writing enables the collection, analysis, and distribution of complex scientific documentation. TransPerfect medical writers come from varying scientific backgrounds and therapeutic areas; most maintaining an advanced degree—MSc, MPH, PhD, or MD. 

    Departments frequently supported by our solutions include:

    Medical/Technical/Regulatory Writing

    TransPerfect's medical writing team provides comprehensive support to medical, technical, and regulatory writing departments, offering expert assistance in creating accurate, clear, and regulatory-compliant documents essential for successful clinical trials and product approvals. 

    Medical/Scientific Information and Education

    TransPerfect's medical writing team offers exceptional support in the dissemination of medical and scientific information and education, ensuring that complex scientific data and research findings are accurately and clearly communicated to healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

    Clinical Trial Disclosure (CTD) or Data Transparency

    TransPerfect's medical writing services extend vital support to Clinical Trial Disclosure (CTD) and data transparency departments by ensuring clear, compliant, and accessible communication of clinical trial results and data. 

    Medical/Scientific Affairs

    TransPerfect’s medical writing team helps medical/scientific affairs departments adapt their delivery of important medical information, such as patient outcomes, to effectively reach relevant stakeholders and improve medical product development, the patient experience, and safety standards.

    Site and Patient Engagement

    TransPerfect’s medical writing team supports site and patient engagement departments with communications that foster stronger relationships and enhance participation and retention in clinical studies, ultimately contributing to the success of clinical trials.

    Clinical Development or Research

    TransPerfect's medical writing services include essential support to clinical development and research departments, offering expertise in the creation of precise, comprehensive, and regulatory-compliant documentation crucial for the successful progression of clinical trials. 

    Regulatory Affairs

    TransPerfect's medical writing team delivers unmatched support to regulatory affairs departments by producing meticulously crafted documents that meet the stringent standards of global regulatory agencies. 

    Quality Assurance

    TransPerfect's medical writing team provides significant support to QA departments, ensuring QA documentation upholds the highest standards of accuracy and compliance to reinforce the clinical research’s integrity.

    Medical Governance

    TransPerfect's medical writing services provide pivotal support to medical governance departments by ensuring that all documentation, from policy papers to compliance reports, adheres to the highest standards of clarity and accuracy.

    Marketing and Communications

    TransPerfect’s medical writing team supports marketing and communication departments by bridging the gap between complex scientific information and engaging marketing communications, creating impactful messages that resonate with diverse audiences.


    TransPerfect’s medical writing team helps authors looking to get published effectively communicate complex research findings, ensuring that the scientific merit and integrity of the work are maintained and facilitating successful publication in esteemed journals.

    Benefits of TransPerfect Medical Writing Solutions

    Improve content process and efficiency

    • Eliminate the need for multiple vendors

    • Scale resources as needed

    • Support global multilingual content

    • Ensure 100% compliance

    • Guarantee quality, timely deliveries

    • Maintain version control and harmonization across teams to mitigate risk

    • Reduce delivery timelines

    • Increase savings from streamlined, end-to-end solutions

    • Increase patient comprehension and patient engagement

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    Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations involved in clinical trial management.

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