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Navigate global clinical, corporate, and commercial operations under stringent regulatory compliance requirements while providing fast and accurate multilingual communications.

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End-to-End Translation and Localization Solutions that Scale

We translate global clinical content from lab to launch, helping you overcome language and cultural barriers. Our translation and localization support offers unmatched quality, cost control, and speed. We provide solutions for:

Translation Support Throughout Your Product’s Lifecycle

Expert Translators, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Solutions

TransPerfect is the industry-leading and standard-setting organization for translation and language services. With the world’s most powerful translation management system, GlobalLink, we provide global medical, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and clinical trial translation excellence for life sciences.

Document Translation

Streamline the document translation process with the first major language services organization certified to both ISO 9001 and EN 15038. TransPerfect supports rush turnaround times, high-volume requests, highly technical materials, and certified documents.

Machine Translation

Customize an MT solution that helps you quickly and reliably produce usable translations. Leverage MT workflows to eliminate manual processes. Measure MT quality with edit distance and multiple secure MT engines.

Computer-Assisted Translation

Utilize leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools to facilitate the reuse of previously translated content stored in translation memory (TM). TM helps organizations cut costs and timelines while improving overall translation consistency.

GlobalLink TMS

Alleviate manual project management burdens with TransPerfect’s GlobalLink translation management technology, a suite of modular applications designed specifically to simplify the entire translation process, from submission to release.

Language Services

Work with certified linguists who have passed the TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) program. Our linguists have expertise in more than 80 fields of specialty, maintain strict standards of professionalism, and possess exceptional interpersonal skills.

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GlobalLink is the world’s most flexible translation management system. Since its introduction in 1999, TransPerfect’s GlobalLink translation management technology has helped many of the world’s leading life sciences organizations simplify the process of creating, releasing, and managing multilingual content.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Translation Management System

  • Centralize translation memory and glossary to decrease translation costs
  • Automate review cycles to accelerate review timelines
  • Eliminate manual processes to reduce administrative burdens
  • Optimize use of resources to reduce internal costs
  • Increase visibility into projects to maintain a clear audit trail
  • Leverage MT and AI workflows to ensure scalability, speed, and quality
  • Maintain version control and harmonization across teams to mitigate risk
  • Connect to other content repositories to simplify the export/import process 

Leading Linguists Trusted by Life Sciences Organizations Big and Small

While various professional groups and organizations have historically provided credentials for professional linguists, none of these addressed critical elements of linguist performance, like subject-matter expertise and overall competency—so TransPerfect introduced the TransPerfect Linguist Certification (TLC) program. The TLC program was the first comprehensive system to assess linguist skills in the areas that matter most to clients.

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Why Choose TransPerfect’s Life Sciences Translation & Technology Services?


Validated System

Compliant with GxP and CFR 21 Part 11


Key Partner Relationships

Dedicated alliance partner program across the Americas, EMEA, and APAC


Third-Party Integration Capabilities

Pre-built connectors to leading tools; see all third-party platforms


Unmatched Commitment to Quality

Certified to the ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 standards


Highly Trained and Specialized Linguists

TLC program tests for expertise in more than 80 fields of specialty

The Ultimate Clinical Trial Translations Checklist

Clinical research and development requires various document and communication work streams. Global studies require clinical trial translation services to streamline these complex processes. Knowing all the potential language requirements before embarking on your product development journey, simplifies and streamlines these complex processes. Use The Ultimate Clinical Trial Translations Checklist to better anticipate your language needs.

Life Sciences Writing, Cultural Adaptation, and Localization

Takeda and Psyon games sought to improve ADHD awareness while improving quality of life for individuals navigating the diagnosis. Their goal was to roll out an accessible experience across multiple regions, languages, and cultures to help as many individuals as possible. Watch how Takeda and Psyon brought their health gaming vision to life with the support of TransPerfect's content creation and creative writing, cultural adaptation, and localization.

Better Translation Outcomes By the Numbers

60 %

Faster timelines

90 %

of clients achieve their ROI in 12 months

200 +

Languages supported

5,000 +

Native-language linguists

News and Thought Leadership

Our industry experts have in-depth understanding of the challenges, requirements, and goals for life sciences organizations involved in clinical trial management.

Top 10 Considerations when Implementing Machine Translation (MT)

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Top 10 Considerations when Implementing Machine Translation (MT)

Anticipate Your Language Needs: The Ultimate Clinical Trial Translations Checklist

“Content is king” is cliché marketing jargon, but in clinical product development, the cliché holds true. Clinical product development is an elaborate endeavor executed through a complex web of processes that are in large part accomplished through various document and...

An Unlikely Perfect Pairing: Life Sciences & Translation

What Is Life Sciences Translation? Let’s first define the term “translation” within a life sciences context. Life sciences translation is the adaptation of clinical documentation and MedTech materials across different languages. While the concept may seem relatively simple,...

Driving Success in Omnichannel Content Strategies for Global and Local Markets

Introduction:   In the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences marketing, implementing an effective omnichannel strategy is crucial to driving positive customer experiences and increasing engagement. By seamlessly integrating multiple channels and considering...

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