Expert Clinical Trial Disclosure Solutions for Compliance and Transparency Requirements

Meet requirements and publish clinical trial results, with speed and quality, in any language.

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Comply with Complex Regulatory Requirements

Ensure accurate and timely sharing of clinical trial information to your global audience, including notified bodies, HCPs, patients, and other key stakeholders with expert clinical trial disclosure solutions, all while reducing costs.

    Translation & Language Services

    Effectively reach and communicate with your stakeholders, regardless of what language they speak. From informed consent forms and study protocols to clinical study reports and summary results, achieve high-quality and accurate translations to appropriately communicate key information.

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    Medical Writing

    Create clear and concise documents, such as clinical study reports and investigator brochures, that accurately reflect the data and results of the clinical trial while adhering to regulatory requirements and guidelines.

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    Benefits of Our Clinical Trial Disclosure Solutions

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    Maintain Compliance

    Achieve 100% compliance while meeting global deadlines.


    Global Support

    Leverage flexible, responsive, and scalable support led by experts in the global landscape.


    Enhance Collaboration

    Access documentation in a secure, validated, centralized, and digital work space.

    Save Money

    Reduce Cost and Timelines

    Save time and expense by eliminating the need for multiple vendors.

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    Expedite Publishing

    Ensure 100% on-time reporting for your clinical document needs.


    Quality Assurance

    Meet quality standards for submission documents guided by transparency experts.

    Simplify and Meet Clinical Trial Disclosure Requirements

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    SME Advisory Support

    • Change control
    • Governance & oversight regulatory gap analysis
    • Risk based audits
    • PMO trainings
    • Icon Submission

    Protocol Registration Services

    • Clinical trial registration
    • Protocol updates
    • National registries
    • Icon Presentation

    Results Disclosure

    • Clinical trial results posting
    • Resolve NIH queries
    • Author disclosure synopsis
    • Icon Data

    Data Sharing

    • Automated data transformation tool
    • Anonymization and justification plans/tables
    • EMA policy 0070 redaction package
    • Icon Checklist

    Plain Language Summaries

    • Authoring
    • Graphic design
    • Patient advocacy review and translations
    • Dissemination

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