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Discover the power of our Expert TMF Professionals who will lead you through the seamless implementation of our proven methodologies. Whether you are creating a new TMF or transforming an existing one, we ensure it becomes an inspection-ready trial management tool that drives stakeholder engagement and rekindles appreciation for this foundational aspect of clinical trials.

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Build TMF Expertise Within Your Organization Through TMF Univeristy

Get started on your TMF accreditation journey with a curriculum that provides you with the needed understanding and skills to master all things TMF.

We exist to simplify the documentation of clinical research to accelerate new health solutions for humanity.

As a premier TMF Functional Service Provider (FSP), LMK offers an all-encompassing suite of TMF consulting and document management services. Our expertise lies in strategic development, project management, and quality control of documents and content vital for effective clinical trial management. Trust LMK to optimize your TMF processes and elevate your clinical trials to new heights.

TMF Quality Control

The TMF's overall quality is frequently overlooked in ongoing Trial Master File management. At LMK, our TMF Professionals are here to address this crucial aspect by assisting you in implementing a robust QC cycle. This continuous monitoring ensures that your TMF remains in optimal condition, making sure you are always inspection-ready. Trust LMK to safeguard the integrity of your Trial Master File and maintain compliance with confidence. 

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Document Filing & Indexing

At LMK, we understand the significance of flexibility in tackling document management challenges. Our TMF Professionals excel in swiftly adapting to changing resource requirements, reducing document handling delays, and maintaining your TMF inspection readiness at all times. Rely on our expertise for seamless document management, empowering you to focus on your clinical development endeavors with utmost assurance.  

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SOP & Process Development

At LMK, our TMF experts understand the importance of maintaining a complete, accurate, and inspection-ready TMF. We believe that the foundation for achieving this lies in implementing sustainable SOPs, work instructions, and processes. Our team is dedicated to providing custom and comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your business needs. Through the development of meaningful SOPs, we ensure that your System of Record for all content remains complete and accurate, enabling you to confidently navigate the complexities of clinical development. With LMK as your partner, you can trust that your TMF will consistently meet the highest standards of excellence. 

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TransPerfect Life Sciences + LMK Clinical Research: The Global Authorities in TMF Services and Training

With so much riding on the integrity of your TMF, TransPerfect and LMK have partnered to give you the compliance confidence you deserve, so you can focus on what matters most: your research. Two of the industry’s leaders in TMF best practices, management, education, and innovation combine forces to support sponsors of all sizes with comprehensive, system-agnostic TMF services.

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We believe the Trial Master File (TMF) is the foundation of every clinical trial, and a strong foundation is key to the overall health and stability of any clinical program. LMK can help make your TMF a management tool throughout the life of your trial by helping you plan, collect, and maintain your clinical trial content so you are inspection ready from day one.

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