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Driving Your Patient-Centric Mission Forward

TransPerfect Life Sciences supports your clinical journey from site identification to product launch. 

Streamline regulated clinical trial work streams to expedite timelines and accelerate therapeutic breakthroughs.

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Ensure the success and compliance of your breakthrough therapeutics in the global marketplace.

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Protect and manage intellectual property, streamline global HR operations, and provide support solutions to power your global corporate operations.

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Ensure conceptual equivalence and cultural appropriateness in any language, minimizing time-to-market, mitigating risk, and ensuring regulatory compliance in global studies.

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Regulatory Solutions

Clear regulatory hurdles with consulting and content solutions and accelerate your approval process. Avoid missteps in translations, labeling, or packaging that lead to regulatory findings post-filing. Complete global submissions in a timely fashion. 

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PV & Safety Solutions

Observe, detect, and monitor the effects of your pharmaceutical products across locations and languages with translation and call services. Ensure drug safety across your entire portfolio.

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eClinical Solutions

Support your clinical research and trials with TransPerfect Life Sciences’ eClinical technology, Trial Interactive. Trial Interactive is an industry leader in practical, global eClinical innovation that simplifies and automates clinical processes for sponsors, CROs, and sites around the world. 

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Medical Device Solutions

TransPerfect Medical Device Solutions (MDS) is the medical device industry’s largest provider of translation services and content automation technology. Learn how you can reduce the cost, risk, and turnaround time of new MDR and IVDR content requirements by 50%—and effectively translate/localize your website, app, software, e-learning, and other digital content.

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Translation Services

Meet multilingual challenges of document translation with powerful technology and expert linguist support to alleviate manual project management burdens associated with the translation process.

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Structured Content Authoring

Increase content reuse by 50% with TransPerfect’s Component Content Management System (CCMS). Reuse content, propagate changes, enable omnichannel delivery, and streamline the review and approval process to reduce cycle time and costs.

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Call Center Support

Customize call center support to meet your goals. Our services combine innovative technology, fast-speed service, and customer-focused care. Our team supports call center launches, supplements existing call center resources, handles overflow call volume, and provides over-the-phone interpretations services.

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Join TransPerfect’s community of more than 1,000 life sciences organizations, including pharma, biotech, meddev, CROs, and IRBs.

"Thank you so much for your attention on Pfizer drug approval. This study was inspected very smoothly with your efficient translation support during the inspection period last month! The approval of IBRANCE in China was absolutely great news for Chinese patients."

"Without the collaboration of the TransPerfect team, we wouldn’t be able to get materials to market as quickly and efficiently as we do today. TransPerfect is saving our internal partners extraordinary time and effort. A major reason for this program’s success has been the collaboration; our contact at TransPerfect is consultative, listening closely to our business problems and offering meaningful solutions. The TransPerfect team has been fantastic to work with."

"When I think of TransPerfect, I think of Disneyland. TransPerfect makes dreams come true."

"Before GlobalLink for AEM, we had to manage translation processes outside AEM, adding an extra layer of processes and approval flows into our work stream. Now it all happens within the same system, making translation and approval flows smoother."

"Thank you so much for the expedited turnaround and for helping us get this accomplished. Signant Health appreciates everything TransPerfect does for us! Your team is the best."

"I am delighted with our collaboration. TransPerfect accurately and effectively briefed the interpreters, leading to smooth, engaging, and respectful conversations with patients and their caregivers. This, indeed, had a positive influence on the outcomes."

"With Trial Interactive, we help studies lower risk and achieve near real-time oversight, without site visits."

"Trial Interactive has without question improved ARCA’s ability to complete trials in the most efficient manner possible."

"Trial Interactive was the most robust for Karyopharm’s global use. Plus, we have access to other Trial Interactive’s other integrated modules as we evolve our process."

"When I think of TransPerfect, I think of Disneyland. TransPerfect makes dreams come true."

"TransPerfect supported us on building a great learning experience for our community. Elements of gaming like point scoring and competition with others are incorporated in a training to learn our KPI definitions and targets."

"TransPerfect supports Shire’s Medical Information team with the regionalization of response documents. Their high-quality medical writing and translation support team has enabled us to get critical information to physicians faster—helping us achieve our goal to help our patients lead better lives."

"Without the collaboration of the TransPerfect team, we wouldn’t be able to get materials to market as quickly and efficiently as we do today."

"Trial Interactive provides an important combination of IT and service solutions for a growing company: a scalable eTMF packaged with implementation, validation, management, and oversight services."

"Trial Interactive has been key to enabling us to perform remote monitoring visits."

News and Thought Leadership

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LifeSci Talks COA Series | Data Science: The New Frontier

In this episode of LifeSci Talks, Mark Wade, Global Practice Leader at TransPerfect Life Sciences sits down with Dr. Elizabeth Bacci, Senior Research Scientist at Evidera, to discuss critical aspects of developing meaningful and relevant Digital Health instruments. The conversation emphasizes the importance of aligning digital health tools with individual patient needs, and prioritizing the patient's perspective when developing instruments that are fit for ...

LifeSci Talks COA Series | Data Science: The New Frontier

Walking the Tightrope: Navigating Patient Centricity and Burden in Modern Clinical Trials

Over the past few decades, clinical trials have witnessed remarkable developments - but they are not without challenges. Dropout rates of up to 20% indicate that patient burden and engagement remain key areas of concern. In response to this, sponsors, healthcare providers,...

Leveraging Technology and Bridging Gaps for Enhanced Clinical Data Management

Introduction: In the field of clinical research, a robust data management process is essential for driving success. Efficiently handling vast amounts of data, ensuring accuracy and consistency, and extracting meaningful insights are vital, particularly in the case of global...

The Role of Qualitative Interviews in Ensuring a Patient-Centered Approach to Clinical Trials

Clinical trials play a crucial role in advancing medical research and improving healthcare outcomes. Traditionally, they have primarily focused on objective measures and quantitative data to evaluate the safety and efficacy of treatments. In recent years, there has been a...

Top 10 Prompts to Ask ChatGPT for Optimizing Clinical Trial Recruitment Strategies

Patient recruitment and engagement are critical to the success of clinical trials. Yet despite the tremendous progress made in drug development, recruitment and retention remain major challenges. Over the last 25 years, the industry has attempted to crack the code; however, 86% ...

EU CTR White Paper - Operational Considerations & Challenges

The Clinical Trial Regulation (EU) 536/2014 (CTR) came into effect on January 31, 2022, replacing the previous regulatory framework of the Clinical Trial Directive 2001/20/EC (CTD). This white paper provides an overview of the CTR and its impact on the organizational readiness ...

Intelligent Automation for MDR & IVDR Content: Summary of Safety & Clinical Performance (SSCP), Summary of Performance (SSP), and Selected Labeling

Content requirements under the EU’s MDR and IVDR, including the translation of labeling, marketing, SSCPs, SSPs, and clinical communications, are set to dramatically increase. Currently, most device manufacturers use manual processes and document-based applications like Microsoft ...

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