Faster timelines, lower cost with AI-powered translation and localization.

Pharma, biotech, and medical device sponsors are under increasing pressures to deliver faster submission timelines with reduced headcount, and under increased budget pressures. An effective generative AI partner can provide an immediate 20-30% cost reduction in content and translation expenses. 

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Automate Your Translation and Content Work Streams

    Neural Machine Translation

    • Proprietary and market engine access 
    • Client-specific engine customization & improvement 
    • Human-in-the-loop post editing services 

    Real-World Use Case: 
    A leading pharmaceutical company needed to efficiently manage their decentralized translation process and overcome challenges with translation quality, project deadlines, and their visibility into spend and project metrics.

    Our Neural Machine Translation solution was configured to centralize all regulatory affairs global translations.
    This was powered through a direct integration between the client's RIM platform and GlobalLink to help reduce project management by up to 60%, providing accurate and real-time KPI tracking through Tableau. By leveraging AI-powered workflows, the client was able to reduce costs and shorten timelines, all while being able to scale to meet large volumes of content required for global regulatory approvals.

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    Workflow Management

    • 40+ Off-the-shelf Integrations including eTMF and RIM tools 
    • Custom integrations 
    • Web portal 
    • Integrated TM and linguistic assets
    • Multivendor capability  

    Real-World Use Case: A top 5 pharma company struggled to deploy AI in a way that was easy for their teams to use and got limited uptake before adding GlobalLink to manage the workflow. With GL & AI they achieved Savings in Y1 ~44% in cost and 50% colleague time reduction.

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    Generative AI

    • Post-editing GenAI tools 
    • Content authoring 
    • Data Insights & SynthAI 
    • Multilingual Chatbots

    Real-World Use Case: A leading healthcare company struggled with slow responses to patients and HCPs due to a high volume of data. We worked with them to create a Q&A interface using multilingual semantic indexing, which improved both response times and accuracy to HCPs and patients.  

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    AI for Translation and Localization

    Learn How This Leading Pharma Saved $1.1M

    Predictable, Rapid ROI

    Exponential Time Savings and Reduction in Administrative Burden


    Reduction in time-to-market


    Reduction in PM time

    Enhanced Quality and Compliance


    Quality improvement

    Sponsor Strategy for Controlling Content and Language Complexity

    This white paper analyzes the impact of decentralization on clinical process efficiencies, and examines prospective solutions to mitigate multi-vendor management risks, while prioritizing cost and resource savings, and driving process efficiencies, transparency and scalability. 

    The value of AI for your Clinical Content


    Access to proprietary engines and external engines to get best-in-market performance on a language level


    Powered by industry-leading TMS, GlobalLink


    Customer success assurance with white glove consultative support


    Pre-integrated with common CMS, eClinical, and sales platforms


    Intuitive insights from Tableau-powered data visualization

    Get Early Access!

    Our innovative, AI transformation program for clinical and regulatory teams has been developed and stress tested with the world's leading pharma organizations and is now open for more sponsors to benefit from the savings and efficiency offered by AI in the clinical and regulatory fields. This program uses neural machine translation and GenerativeAI together to reduce time to market and costs associated with global clinical and regulatory documentation. 

    Enroll your organization now and start your transformation! Complete the form to request a demo. 

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