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Call Center Support Solutions

In a fast-moving global industry, it’s essential to have the resources of a competent call center support team for your business. We understand the importance of providing a clear and comprehensive customer service support experience that offers in-language guidance to bolster your customer support needs without hiring additional members of staff.

Customer Service Support

TransPerfect’s 30-year strong dedication to providing global translation solutions has helped us to hone our customer service support methods. From temporary, last-minute needs to long-term multilingual customer support, our service has the solution for your business requirements.

Our customer service support provides:

  • Contact center support that’s customized to your call volume
  • Flexibility to support your language requirements
  • Staff so you don’t need to hire more staff
  • Temporary and permanent support options

Outbound Call Center Recruitment

When you’re in need of call center recruitment support, TransPerfect’s contact center support staff are rigorously screened for the level of professionalism and language proficiency that has made us a globally trusted service.

For fast, polite, and effective outbound call center services, don’t leave your translation needs up to chance. Choose a reputable and world-renowned communication service. Choose TransPerfect.

Patient Monitoring Services

We understand the importance of monitoring patients and the necessity for calm, clear communications in telehealth services.

Our extensive global network of experts will provide the convenience of multilingual customer support with the care and consideration that’s synonymous with TransPerfect. We provide:

  • Dedicated remote patient call center agent services
  • Precise, detailed feedback on every call
  • Calm and polite professional follow-up calls for your patients
  • Additional support for the clinical resources of your business
  • Greater analysis of medical trials and better patient care

A remote patient call center agent needs to be able to converse quickly in any language. TransPerfect’s agents will note every last detail of a patient monitoring call to ensure you’re receiving the best feedback possible on the health of your patients.

Post-Marketing Support Solutions

Maintain both global commercial success and dutiful patient care with TransPerfect. We know that every patient is different, and our dedicated team of linguists are skilled in developing trust, keeping a keen eye to detail, and adhering strictly to patient support guidelines.


Streamline your pharmacovigilance with TransPerfect. Our innovations are custom-made to accelerate drug safety reporting through a blend of artificial intelligence and studious technology.Keep patient safety at the top of your priorities list without losing the speed or accuracy needed to accomplish your objectives.

  • Achieve 100% compliance with drug safety reporting
  • Reduce your localization costs
  • Collect, process, and track cases quickly
  • Stay one step ahead with fast, accurate reporting

Secure Call Center Support

TransPerfect’s fully secured call centers take thousands of highly sensitive calls every day. From classified financial data to private medical records, our strict security measures ensure that highly sensitive data is protected.

Whether it’s assisting your staff with their language skills during international calls or real-time responses in need of fast resolution, TransPerfect’s call center support services are the perfect combination of innovative technology, fast-speed service, and customer-focused care.

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