eCOA LingCert Accreditation Program

Certify your eCOA platform to ensure it meets industry standards and best practices to host multilingual content.

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What is the eCOA LingCert program?

As the world's largest provider of language and technology solutions with an extensive knowledge base of subject matter experts, TransPerfect Life Sciences is uniquely positioned to offer customizable roadmaps and provide accreditations to vendors.

The eCOA LingCert program assesses an eCOA platform’s capabilities against industry standards and best practices within the following four key pillars:

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Content Management

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Content Reusability

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Post-localization Testing

eCOA Platform Accreditation Levels

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  • Silver

    Beginner silver-level standards around functional and fundamental capabilities in global clinical trial support.

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  • Gold

    Integrated translation content portal, fully automated screenshot review, or in-context emulation.

  • Icon eCOA LingCert Platinum
  • Platinum

    Meets previous compliance levels, alongside platinum-level content reuse and library hosting.

    Accredited eCOA Platforms


    Platform: eCOA Tablet

    Accreditation Level: Silver 

    Clinical ink

    Platform: Direct Data Capture

    Accreditation Level: Silver 

    Benefits for eCOA Clients and Sponsors

    Improve data collection and integrity by enhancing quality via platform consistency across different studies.

    60+ %

    Faster Timelines

    60 +%

    Reduced Costs

    75 %

    Reduced Project Management Timelines

    Your Journey to eCOA Accreditation

    Achieve the highest level of accreditation with a customized road map based on your company's current standing between our Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. The accreditation meeting process includes:

    1. Initial Consultation

    An initial consultation is set to determine the eCOA company's current compliance status in relation to Silver, Gold, and Platinum Standards.

    2. Certification Report Shared

    A detailed report is then shared which outlines the steps for achieving the next level of accreditation, customized to your company's unique needs.

    3. Follow-up Meetings

    Ongoing support and guidance as needed is established through regular correspondence and meeting cadence to address questions and progress towards accreditation.

    4. Certification Awarded

    Official recognition is awarded to your platform for complying with the required standards.

    5. Annual Check-in

    A yearly review is established to confirm that there are no significant changes made to affect the platform's accreditation status. TransPerfect will also provide insights on latest trends and innovation in the eCOA space for continuous improvements and innovation.

    eCOA Linguistic Certification

    By earning a certification through our eCOA LingCert program, your organization will: 

    • Create a customizable and efficient roadmap to improve eCOA platform standards

    • Optimize technological capabilities for hosting multilingual content and global studies 

    • Meet best practices while speeding up timelines and enhancing quality 

    • Increase marketability to sponsors 

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