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Heading to LTEN 2024? Join us for our session

"See a Need, Fill a Need: Partner Developed Skills Development Training from Concept to Delivery"

June 12, 2024 | 4:00 PM-5:00 PM ET

Join us for a unique and engaging session focused on true partnership as the foundation of success. We will explore how to convert high turn-over challenges into positive opportunities for upskilling, discover best practices to incorporate insights gathering into engagements, and gain tips for how to establish positive vendor relationships.

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    Thought Leadership

    Simplifying Clinical Trial Training Management

    Training is important and required to remain current with appropiate regulations. This is key to protecting patient safety and putting out quality products. ...
    Simplifying Clinical Trial Training Management

    Unlocking the Power of AI and Machine Learning in Life Sciences

    Life sciences companies are putting artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) into practice, realizing its potential to revolutionize adverse event detection, diagnostics, and more. For AI and ML to be truly effective, you need to give context to your data, teaching ...

    TransPerfect Supports Takeda Supply Chain Training with Gamification

    “TransPerfect supported us on building a great learning experience for our community. Elements of gaming like point scoring and competition with others are incorporated in a training to learn our KPI definitions and targets.” ...

    Driving Success in Omnichannel Content Strategies for Global and Local Markets

    Introduction:   In the rapidly evolving landscape of life sciences marketing, implementing an effective omnichannel strategy is crucial to driving positive customer experiences and increasing engagement. By seamlessly integrating multiple channels and considering...