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If global commercialization is the next step to bring your medicines and products to patients around the globe, then you need a globalization partner with a worldwide reputation for delivering accurate, customized, and thorough results. Devising a commercialization plan is complex and has many moving parts. Enlisting the services of a company that pays attention to the small print while keeping a global perspective in mind is key. It’s not just about translating into local languages, it’s about finding the best company to produce the source-language copy and globally compliant content to put your commercialization plan into action.

Expert Market Research

We’re a specialized team of globalization experts who can advise and provide guidance on marketing strategies. With over 25 years of global communications experience, our team keeps your global business compliant and well-informed throughout every step of the commercialization process.

Our market research commercialization plans ensure that:

  • Content is appropriate for its intended market
  • Product commercialization deliverables are compliant with the market
  • Our work is thorough and free of linguistic errors
  • Output is in line with your commercialization process
  • Social media marketing is culturally appropriate

We implement these strategies via detailed analysis, clear objectives, and integrated marketing solutions resources.

Campaign Adaptation

As part of our global commercialization support, we bring a team of experts to the table.

Multicultural Marketing

As your brand expands across various global markets, we ensure that global commercialization means adhering to the languages, locales, and regulations of each market.

Multilingual Brand Managers

A strong global commercialization plan needs the perspectives of a wide range of sources. Our multilingual brand managers remain diligent within each specific localization to keep your brand and product commercialization on track.

Cultural Consultants

TransPerfect believes that global commercialization doesn’t mean overlooking the minutia of marketing. When it comes to international market research and sound advice, our cultural consultants offer priceless insights into surpassing your objectives. All it takes is for one misstep in translation for your business to communicate an offensive or confusing statement across countries. Be sure to hire the best support possible.

Social Media Marketing and Your Commercialization Plan

You don’t have to be a social media expert to reach a global audience. Our advanced technology team monitors every online channel in multiple languages, gaining customer knowledge and new insights to keep you in the loop and adapting your plan.

Our social media marketing experts help you to:

  • Rank higher in search engines
  • Increase your global brand awareness
  • Gain unique life science market research
  • Develop a stronger website presence
  • Learn insights into your customers’ mindsets

Website Localization

Localizing your website is a must-have for almost every global commercialization plan. Preparing a website for localization requires a knowledgeable team to ensure every last platform is linguistically sound and in line with each region’s culture. Our 4-step website localization process includes:

  1. Globalization - We analyze your website to prepare it for localization. Planning early on prevents rework and costly fixes once the localization process begins.
  2. Localization - Our industry expert linguists translate your content with locale and language at the forefront of the process.
  3. Testing - Proper testing of the localized websites is required to ensure that the experience is as fine-tuned as the source language website.
  4. Search Engine Optimization - Your website needs to be found by your target audience, so we’ll use SEO best practices to make sure that happens.

GlobalLink Technology

Our GlobalLink technology enables us to launch multilingual websites in as little as 30 days with no installation on your part. As the most advanced solution to managing multilingual websites, GlobalLink will surpass your global commercialization goals. GlobaLink:

  • Is readily available in cloud-based and on-premise versions
  • Drastically reduces project burden
  • Eliminates IT busywork
  • Employs patented technology
  • Can work seamlessly with your existing systems, including Adobe, Veeva, and many more

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Mobile Solutions

If an app or gaming is in your commercialization plan, you can look to our GlobaLink technology to manage the localization process. Our mobile solutions include globalization, localization, and testing.

Let Us Help You with Your Commercialization Plan

To make your mark in the global business landscape, harnessing the power of your source message and communicating it effectively is the key to taking on the world.

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