Unlock the Power of AI and Machine Learning in Life Sciences with Professional Data Annotation

Bring your innovative, automative, and predictive potential to life. If you're a pharma, biotech, med device, or CRO leader looking to leverage AI/ML for therapeutic discovery, diagnostics, process automation, and more, you'll need data annotation. 

Access a concise writeup on practical use cases for both AI/ML and data annotation in Life Sciences by completing the brief form. 

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DataForce Worlds - See For Yourself How Data Annotation Works

Not 100% sure how data annotation works or whether it really can help your AI aspirations?

DataForce Worlds is a quick, fun way for you to get hands-on with data annotation. Experience in real-time how it can both streamline and revolutionize your AI/ML projects. Simply toggle between image, video, text, and audio-based annotation to tag and categorize data sets. Then watch how your annotations make the AI smarter!

Our Services

Elevate real-world clinical data through precise and efficient annotation services. From real-time adverse event (AE) detection for pharmacovigilance to social listening for trend identification, expertly annotated datasets empower AI models, fostering innovation, automation, efficiency, and success in clinical research and development.

Real-time adverse event detection

Annotate patient feedback from various sources to enable AI models to instantly recognize and classify potential AEs.

Proactive Safety Signal Detection

Label vast datasets of patient outcomes to train AI models to proactively identify new safety signals. 

Pharmacovigilance and Patient Safety Success Story

Challenge: A well-funded healthcare startup needed thousands of skin condition images of varying types to launch its mobile application that specializes in detection and diagnosis of skin conditions.

Solution: DataForce attained over 20,000 unique images from 5,000 unique participant data sets, labeling the images by skin type, ethnicity, size, duration, and type.

Real-time Trend Identification

Train AI models on annotated social media discussions to identify emerging trends or patient concerns instantly.

Competitor Analysis

Annotate online discussions related to competitors' products to gain insights into their strengths and weaknesses.

Adverse Event Detection Success Story

Challenge: A leading pharmaceutical company developing a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm for adverse event detection in social media entries needed over 10,000 entries analyzed to improve their patient experience, health, and reduce the number of false negatives in AE detection.

Solution: DataForce’s experts with pharmacovigilance backgrounds accurately annotated and categorized thousands of social media posts in a few days, followed by thorough quality controls.

AI-driven Prior Art Searches

Annotate patent databases with insights about relevancy to train AI models for more efficient prior art searches. 

Infringement Risk Analysis

Use annotated patent data to train AI models that can evaluate the risk of potential intellectual property (IP) infringements.

Patent Protection Success Story

Challenge: Our client was looking for a partner to help adapt its risk identification system to six languages. 

Solution: DataForce was able to provide 15 specific linguistic and financial profiles for this project in three weeks.  

DataForce & Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine

DataForce’s platform support for Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine (DICOM) simplifies the process of identifying pathologies or diseases by processing and annotating medical data provided by pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations that utilize artificial intelligence.

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Data proliferation in the life sciences is more vigorous than ever, to the extent that data may be as essential to a company’s value proposition as its pipeline, products, or research and development. At DataForce, we understand the pivotal role AI plays in advancing clinical research and development. Harness the power of our annotation services to transform your life science data into a strategic asset for the future of healthcare today. 

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