Artificial Intelligence in Life Sciences: Latest Developments Presented by Industry Leaders

Join TransPerfect's discussion with industry-experts from Pfizer, Bayer, CodaMetrix, Biogen, BI, Novartis, and Syneos Health about how AI is accelerating changes in the life sciences industry and ways they are leveraging data to support their teams, studies, and products.

Our discussion will cover the following areas:
- AI in drug discovery
- Predicting adverse events using Natural Language Processing
- Rich patient data and wearable devices
- The computer vision revolution: automated and AI-assisted diagnostics
- Reducing the accessibility barriers to medical information through conversational technologies
- AI and COVID-19

Our Panelists:
Gati Dharani, Director, Digital Strategy and Data Innovation, Pfizer
Mimi Fenton MPH PhD, Executive Director, Real World Evidence & Late Phase, Syneos Health
Enrico Santus, Senior Data Scientist, Decision Science & Advanced Analytics, Bayer
Amir Tahmasebi, Senior Director of ML/AI, CodaMetrix
Antonella Santuccione, CEO WBP and Co-Founder
Victoria Gamerman, Head of US Health Informatics & Analytics, Boehringer Ingelheim
Atika Kumar, AI Strategy and Innovation, Novartis

Moderator: Alexandros Poulis, Senior Director, TransPerfect DataForce