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Date LocationDubrovnik, Croatia

Maximising global programmes by partnering Medical Affairs & Commercial Activities

Join us for an insightful discussion on enhancing collaboration between Medical Affairs and Commercial teams to streamline content creation, global launches, materials reuse. We will explore what technologies should be used, identify challenges in successful product launch, and the transformative power AI has for global digital strategies now and in the future.

Michelle Bridenbaker
Michelle Bridenbaker Global Medical Information Lead at Recordati / Vice President at MILE
Jamie McNally
Jamie McNally Executive Director, Head of Omnichannel Activation at Astellas
Courtney Marino
Courtney Marino Director, Content Operations Lead at Astellas
Christine Buggle
Christine Buggle Senior Director at TransPerfect
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Beyond Borders: Navigating the Complexities of Omnichannel Content Strategy for Global and Local Markets

Hosted by Christine Buggle, Senior Director at TransPerfect Life Sciences, in discussion with Ewelina Knigawka, Executive Director of Content and Partnership Excellence at Novartis, and Scott Dille, Digital Content Lead at Novo Nordisk, this session outlined key considerations when implementing a successful global to local omnichannel strategy.

Additional topics in the conversation included:

  • Establishing a global governance structure for omnichannel: Ensuring a consistent and high-quality customer experience across markets.
  • Balancing standardization and variation: Consistency and efficiency through standardization, while fostering innovation and capturing local market needs effectively.
  • Measuring success with data-driven insights: Tracking relevant KPIs, utilizing dashboards, and prioritizing customer experience, regulatory compliance, and timely content delivery.

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