Pharmacovigilance and Safety Solutions

Pharmacovigilance & Safety Solutons

Observe, detect and monitor the effects of your pharmaceutical products across locations and languages with ease with TransPerfect Life Science pharmacovigilance (PV) & safety services. We offer a range of services to aid your PV & safety practices, from the translation of HSE documents to patient surveillance calls to ensure drug safety across your portfolio.

Why Is Pharmacovigilance Important?

Pharmacovigilance is a vital practice in the development and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products in monitoring the adverse drug reactions or therapies. Drug safety practices need to be carried out at each stage of the product life cycle to ensure that any adverse drug reactions don’t compromise the drug or treatment’s efficacy.

As pharmaceutical companies or healthcare providers, this is a crucial part of ensuring patient safety, including when working with multiple languages. Our pharmacovigilance services at TransPerfect Life Sciences can translate any pharmacovigilance documentation so that you can focus on accurately monitoring any adverse drug events and keeping your patients safe. If you are in need of a pharmacovigilance scientist or comprehensive pharmacovigilance services, contact us today.

Our Solutions:

  • Safety Document Translation
  • AI-Powered Translation
  • Safety Notification Distribution & Database Hosting
  • Global Call Center Support
  • Redaction Support
  • Automated Local Literature Monitoring
  • Medical Information
  • Case Triage

Safety Documentation Translation

We enable global clinical development teams to rapidly translate and share pharmacovigilance information, such as SUSARs (suspected unexpected serious adverse reactions), SAEs (serious adverse events), hospitalization reports, and discharge summaries, within a centralized collaborative workspace. With the ability to quickly and securely collect, track, translate, and share safety data from investigative sites with internal and external stakeholders, the safety reporting process is radically accelerated.


Safety-specific AI engines allow companies to do immediate case triage of free text, documents and/or audio files, as well as route content for human post-editors to reduce translation timelines by half. Our state-of-the-art technology handles difficult to translate file formats such as scanned PDFs.

Safety Notification Distribution & DATABASE HOSTING



Boost your pharmacovigilance and safety response times with effective and accurate notifications in any language. TransPerfect’s Trial Interactive solution traffics safety notifications and distributes alerts in real-time, ensuring that sites, sponsors, and CROs remain fully apprised of the latest information and data.

Database Hosting

Collect and store cases received (ADRs, medical information, product complaints, non-case calls)
in a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant, validated, web-based global database. Your data is always safe and secure with us.

Call Center Services


When it comes to carrying out pharmacovigilance and safety calls, TransPerfect Life sciences can establish and staff new call centers to handle incoming calls. We can also supplement existing call center resources by handling overflow call volume or by providing over the phone interpretation services. Our team is complete with specialized medical interpreters to help serve callers in over 170 languages.

Outbound Patient Surveillance Calls

TransPerfect’s Business Process Outsourcing program helps you construct a communication strategy to fit your patients’ ongoing needs.

Whether your needs are temporary or ongoing, our services include:

  • Selecting, testing, training, and onboarding multilingual staff
  • Specialized medical experts available
  • Ensuring over-the-phone, video, and onsite services are quickly available at all critical points of care
  • Executing outbound calls with an interpreter on the line to assist communication between the healthcare professional and patient
  • Translating follow-up documentation to improve patient adherence and reduce recidivism
  • Reviewing services quarterly, or as required, to identify service areas in need of improvement and/or to modify client’s Language Access Plan



Our PV & safety team provides AI-enabled redaction services for any content including PII to ensure HIPAA and EU regulations for patient privacy are met, reducing overall timelines by >90%.


Automated, AI-powered literature monitoring solutions allow for:

  • Consultation on keyword requirements, search terms and localization for best results
  • Capture of sources and consolidation into one data set for search strings to be applied
  • Application of search terms to the initial data set to reduce the amount of relevant journals or articles submitted to your local vendors or teams for review
  • Technology to centralize review of literature and decide actions that are required (i.e. case reporting or translation)


End-to-end services to help medical information teams deliver engaging, quality content to their customers. Services include:

  • Modular Content Management Technology to allow for improved content reuse and publishing via multiple channels
  • Creation of Standard Responses (documents, infographics, video)
  • Translation
  • Chatbot/Chatbox development and translation
  • Call Center Support


Our AI-powered platform allows for real-time translation of 50+ file formats (scanned PDFs, PowerPoints, audio files, emails, etc.) for real time insights into the nature of a case.

Any Customer. Any Language. Any Channel.

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