App Localization for Life Sciences

Optimize your app localization strategy with Applanga - a powerful cloud-based platform ensuring superior quality, streamlined in-app review, and up to 40% reduced translation timelines.

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App localization and translation with Applanga

Features of Applanga

Applanga's capabilities are tailored to meet the unique requirements of the life sciences industry, making it an ideal localization platform for digital health and clinical outcomes assessment (COA) applications. Here's how Applanga supports life sciences initiatives:

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Centralized Platform:

One central system eliminates the need for multiple siloed systems between client product managers, business users, service teams, and subject matter expert reviewers, facilitating collaboration and driving team efficiency. 

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Dedicated User Interfaces:

Access a wide array of integration options and features, offering dedicated tools and interfaces for developers (API, CLI, SDK integrations), screenshot reviewers (in-context editor), and study managers (order interface and project progress tracking). 

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Reusable Content Library:

Users can develop and host a library of re-usable content, ensuring consistency across studies and applications. Applanga stores certificates of translation, complying with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. 

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Applanga offers multiple options for direct integration with clients' applications, making the translation process seamless from request to completion. Additionally, it is integrated with other TransPerfect portals and translation tools, streamlining the localization workflow. 

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In-Context Screenshot Review:

In-context screenshot review complete with workflow system, comments, filter and search, ensures that translators and reviewers can accurately understand the context of app screens and strings, leading to more precise translations and maintaining the clinical relevance of the application. 

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Platform and App Agnostic:

Applanga can support all kinds of native string file formats and integrate seamlessly with various applications. Whether it's a mobile app for clinical trials, a web-based health platform, or other digital health solutions, Applanga can efficiently manage translations without compromising functionality or user experience. 

Applanga for Clinical Trial Success

Clario leverages the Workbench tool powered by Applanga to lower the eCOA trial start-up times and enhance worldwide patient access to clinical trials. 

Benefits of Using Applanga

Take the pain out of app localization and start talking to your patients in their language. By leveraging Applanga as your localization partner you’ll achieve: 

  • 40% reduction in timelines due to streamlined workflows
  • Elimination of siloes by centralizing teams across client developers, business users, TransPerfect service teams, and subject-matter expert reviewers
  • Consistency and accuracy across studies and applications through content reusability
  • 60% reduction in costs with reuse

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